Template Design Samples - © Jason Behnke

Template Design Samples - © Jason Behnke

Presentation Design

Confidence and Peace of Mind

The more confident you are, the better your presentation will be. The less worried you are about what your presentation looks like or how it will perform, the more confident you will be. When you are confident, you are at your best.

Present boldly and confidently - whether it's a CEO keynote, or a sales pitch, or a tech demo, or a board meeting, or a large event, or any other circumstance, and make it all look easy.

My number one priority is peace of mind for you, your boss, your organization, your shareholders, your clients, and your audience. I ensure this by working within the slide master to create and maintain clean, articulate designs within your branding that are cohesive, consistent, and locked down.



Providing presentation solutions for over 15 years for a variety of clients, corporations and agencies, large and small.

- High-polish keynote presentations for C-suite and senior-level executives

- Standardized brand-compliant presentations

- Templates shared throughout your organization for consistency

- Looping displays for events and conferences

- Multimedia presentations with video and audio

- Complex builds, animations, and transitions

- Supporting events locally and remotely

- Managing contractors, overseeing large-scale events worldwide

- Consultation with agencies and their clients' presentation needs